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Peeper Puppets

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You can have a lot of fun with kids by using these finger puppets. Commonly known as Peepers they are available from One Way Street and from the inventor Hobby Ford as well as other puppet supply places. The Peepers are good quality. There are also cheep versions available from companies such as Rhode Island Novelty. These are very cheaply made but also cost very little, $1.80.dozen, less in quantity, and are called CA-FINLG. These break easily and will break on adult fingers but are usually OK for kids. At the left top is a Peeper and top right a CA-FINLG. The upper hand has a Peeper. Further down on the page you can find an alternate way to hold the Peeper. It is held sideways between the first and second fingers with the first finger and thumb acting as the mouth. The cheap "PEEPERS" are not strong and adult fingers and larger hands will break them. You can use the alternate way to solve this. I usually carry a good Peeper to demonstrate and the cheap ones to give away.

Another alternate is to use round stickers and draw a black spot for an eye. The lower hand has this. Both hands are mine and large. A child's hand is smaller and the stickers look better. Below are two hands with Peepers.

Another puppet idea is to use small sticker eyes on the finger and use the side of the hand as a puppet similar to the way Senior Winces used puppets. The lower hand is using this. Again the hand is mine and a child's hand would be a better size. The hand at the left is pretending to be a snail with eye stalks. These  stickers are inexpensive, under $2 for a box of 450 in a dispenser box that easily slips into you pocket. I was not able to find stickers with the dots but they were not hard to put on the entire roll and then put the roll back in the box. 

You can also get sticker sheets from SmileMakers (I got mine at Staples for $1.30 a sheet) that have 360 sticker of different eyes. A sample is shown below. These are not as flexible as the individual  stickers but are cuter and already printed. The separate into roughly business card size sheets for ease of carrying.

You can use these puppets various ways. We used the Peepers as a Peeper Choir at our church. The kids knelt behind the pews and held the Peepers over their head. We used recorded music for them to have their peepers sing with then video taped it. A picture of the Peeper Choir is in the center below with close ups of twp of them. At the left is an animated puppet with the little stickers. Use your imagination to come up with ways to use them. The kids love them! 

You can also make Peeper imitations from a contact lens case. Not only do you have a cute finger puppet PLUS either a contact lens case OR a handy pill case (which I do). Use a split ring like for keys that fits your finger. Drill a hole in the part of the case between the sections and secure the ring with some wire. Seal the wire with a good glue. I recommend Goop. Make eye balls on your computer of buy them and glue on the lid. Below are some pix of this type peeper plus an eyeball.