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The software below are programs that I have used and tested. My recommendation is for those who do their own promotion and work on a PC. My criteria was that they be useful to performers who were not computer experts and reasonably priced. As I find new ones or old ones no longer satisfy my criteria, changes to the list will be made. In most cases I have provided a link to the web site of the company. I did not include prices as many will have specials prices available and prices do change from time to time. This list has the programs that I have found. There are many programs out there and I have not tried the all. You may have your own favorites. Here I am sharing just what I have found.

I am also sharing some other goodies since I don't have any better place to do it.

Useful Software

and Other Goodies




Page Plus

This is the best desktop publishing program on the market, and one of the least expensive. It is very powerful, equivalent to the industry leader PageMaker but at a tenth of the cost. It can be used for all of your printing needs from business cards to flyers to posters. You can used their presets of let your creative juices flow. 

For the creative individual this is better than MS Publisher or Print Shop. PageMaker is still what's needed if you are sending the files to a commercial printer. If you only do that occasionally, let the printer invest in PageMaker and use Page Plus to show them what you want. This will also rad and write PDF files.

Serif, Inc

Draw Plus

This is a drawing program equivalent to Corel Draw. While Corel and Adobe Illustrator may have some more features, they cost way more that this jewel. In addition to drawings this program can create great animations for your web site. These animations can be GIFs or you can create FLASH animations.

Serif, Inc

Photo Plus

A superb graphics program with a host of features. It is comparable to Adobe's PhotoShop but much cheaper. I am very impressed with the capabilities of this program and it has become one of my favorites. 

Serif, Inc




If you work with graphics, this is the best graphics browser on the market. It can also do some manipulation of graphics and works well with other programs to load graphics into them.

This program has a very good slide show built in also. I use this feature along with a presentation device (Outputs the VGA monitor to a TV or VCR) to create slide show presentations for my church.



Basically a spreadsheet program but is also a slick data base program to keep track of venues, performances, jokes, stories, routines, mileage, etc. If, as I do, you use a Pocket PC then Excel will sync with it so you can have your database with you in the field. You may be able to sync it with a Palm device but it works best with a Pocket PC device. All the features are supported automatically.

For just a basic database without the capability to sync then MS Works has a great Database as a part of it. MS Access or Fox Pro and others are very powerful and beyond the needs contemplated by these suggestions.

Microsoft; as a part of Office or separately.

Web Plus

A superb Web Page designing programs. It is easy and extremely powerful. You design the page as if you were using a desktop publishing program and the program writes the code for you. You can insert code snippets of your own. Iot also will make great slide shows on your web pages. Video and flash can be added to your pages.

Serif, Inc



Movie Plus

A powerful Video editing programs. It is easy and extremely powerful. I supports most formats and can handle multi layer videos and audio. Special effects including “green” screen editing. You can also edit audio multiple layers and create WAV files. Produce vieo for web sites or create DVDs.

Serif, Inc