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Protecting E-Mail Addresses

Perhaps I should say helping to protect your e-mail address.  It is probably impossible to completely protect your e-mail address from people who are determined to get your address.  But this is a relatively simple way to make it harder to harvest your e-mail address.  There are other ways to do this including in coding your address in the use of CGI.  The advantage of this however is that you are able to without having extensive knowledge of programming and HTML code.  This little code written in Java script run can be copied and pasted into your Web sheet easily.  It is very easy to make the necessary changes to reflect your individual e-mail addresses.  

I will give some additional information on how to use this code if you use some of Microsoft FrontPage has your Web site Editor.  Other website editors will probably use similar ways to handle.  In FrontPage there are three views; normal, HTML, and preview.  To find where you want to put the JavaScript to hide your e-mail address you need to locate where the e-mail address is to appear on your page.  I found the best way to do this is to highlight the area where you want to put to the e-mail address.  Do this in the normal review.  When you switch to the HTML view, the code for the area that you've selected will also be selected.  Fine in that area where you want the code to be placed.  Put the cursor there and and press return.  I personally find it a good idea to do several returns, and then position the cursor in the middle of those returns.  This keeps the JavaScript separate so you can find it and work with it easily.  The fact that there are returns will not affect how it looks on the page.  Paste the appropriate Java script at this point.  

CHANGES: On the line with addr2, change  to "first part of your address". The line with addr3 change to last part of your address. (NOTE: I even split the @ domain name) The line with ?subject= change Possible booking to what ever you want the subject line to be. This allows you to use filters/rules to move the e-mail to a specified folder (see "Simplifying E-Mail".).


COPY  the below script and PASTE into NotePad. Next make the appropriate changes to the e-mail address (or I will get your e-mail). Then COPY from NotePad and PASTE into your application. NOTE: It is necessary to use NotePad as an intermediate step so the HTML editor will not us HTML tags for special characters and the script will then not work.

<font size="6" color="#ffffff" face="Arial">


    <script language="javaScript">


   var addr1 = "mailto:"

   var addr2 = "bob@Stor"

   var addr3 = "iesAndMagic.com"

   document.write('<a href="'+addr1 + addr2 + addr3 + '?subject=Possible booking">')

   document.write('<b>bob at StoriesAndMagic dot com  </a></b>')

   // -->



Here is an example of what the above script looks like: