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Cases and Staging

Cases & Staging

Mics & Amp Issues

Mic & Amp Issues

Introduction Sheet

Introduction Sheet

Tips for web graphics.

Web Graphics

Making a Puppet

Making Puppet from Stuffed Animals

Peepers and more

Peeper Puppets and More

Rod Arm

Making a Puppet Rod Arm

Sock Puppets

Making Sock Puppet

Vent Figure Makers

Partial List if Figure Makers

Tips for Emcees

On Being an Emcee (and performer)

Tips on Performing in Hospitals

Performing in Hospitals

Tips on Performing for the Deaf

Performing for the Deaf

Christians in Secular Venues

Christian Performers in Secular Venues

Protecting Soft Puppets

Protecting Soft/hand Puppets From Sweat

Simplifying E-Mail

Simplifying E-Mail on Lists

Protecting e-mail addresses

Protecting E-Mail Addresses on Web Sites


What is Storytelling

Contract Template

Sample Contract

Useful Software

Handy Software for performers, and Other Goodies

Database Techniques

Using a Database with your PC and a PocketPC


Promotion Ideas

Web Presence

Web Presence

Should a Christian Do Magic?  This is a link to a page on the "Fellowship of Christian Magicians" web page. I am a member of this group of Gospel Magicians. This will open the page in a new window. Close it to return here.

Private Page for Magicians

If you are an experienced Ventriloquist or someone just getting into Ventriloquism, the WorldVENTS list is a safe place to learn, ask questions, share, and grow in our art form. Sign up for WorldVENTS  by clicking on the Drango button at the left. Here you will find the best Vents and suppliers, and become a part of our family for discussions on ventriloquism.


If you are a Ventriloquist that uses your talent in churches the ChristianVENT list is a good place to share ideas and grow in your ministry. Click on the Drango button at the left.

If you are a Storyteller or interested in storytelling you may be interested in the Storytell list sponsored by NSN, a group of people around the world who are Storytellers (both pro and other) or just interested in storytelling who like to share with each other. Find out more by clicking on the Drango button. Full information about the list will be found there.

How to Learn Vent How to Learn Ventriloquism