Britain 2011 Best of
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After breakfast we left for Oxford. This will be our longest day of driving, around 6 hours. We made a couple of rest stops on the way. Lunch had at restaurant in Knotford, a pretty town where several movies were made. Lunch was good. We got in and found our rooms. This is an old hotel so getting to the room was like going through a maze.



After breakfast we had a walking tour of Oxford. Going through some of the colleges was very interesting. It was cloudy with a little misty rain. Still it was a good tour. We saw where John Wesley's room was. After the tour we rested a little then went out.  We found a drug store and the did a little exploring. There was a little church that we sat in for a short rest. Then back to the room. In the evening we dressed up and went to a gala dinner at the Oxford Town Hall. This was a beautiful place.  Vantage arranged for each couple to have a formal portrait taken. It started with a concert by a wonderful boy's school choir. Then a wonderful dinner with a live band. They player our kind of music. There was a strolling magician that visited each table. He was very good. He visited with me at our table and we shared tricks. When we left each lady was given a long stemmed rose. Back at the room each couple was given a beautiful ceramic clock.



After breakfast we toured more in the Oxford area. We visited a small quaint town that had many thatched roof houses. . We ate in a nice restaurant that is also a theater. The restaurant is high up overlooking the river. The food was great. Then we went to Stratford on Avon, Shakespeare's home. We went through the home and then walked around town. On the way back to the hotel we did some m ore sightseeing in the Oxford area.


After breakfast we headed for Bath. This was a beautiful drive. The city is quite interesting. We went to the ancient Roman baths. These ruins are very well presented. Some are well restored and others just ruins. Good explanations and electronic hand held guides were available. After some more touring of the city we ended up at the Assembly Room where we had High Tea. Neat building and good food. Then we went back and packed for tomorrow.


From Oxford, England