Britain 2011 Best of
Britain 2011 Loch Lomond Edinburgh Lake District Oxford London Killarney


Heathrow security was a nightmare! Lots of walking, poor signage, and lord of waiting in line. It took two hours. Sunny when we arrived. Met at the airport by Vantage we taken to Cameron House on Loch Lomond. Really beautiful! We met in a room with big furniture and a fire in the fireplace. Then to our rooms and a nap. My hip is really bothering me. I need to look into getting a cane. The room is very elegant.  After a nap we made hot tea. We went down a neat spiral staircase and walked outside to the entrance. We sat by the fire for a while before going to a welcome meeting and dinner. The meeting told us what was coming up. The we had a very nice welcome dinner. We turned in early.



We were up at 7:00 and went to breakfast at the hotel. It was a buffet although you could order off the menu. It included such Scottish favorites as Haggis and black pudding. The Bacon was more like a cross between Ham and Canadian Bacon. Then we got on the bus and drove up the Loch a ways where we boarded a boat for a cruise on Loch Lomond. It was raining so it wasn't as nice as it could have been. Still it was fun. From there we drove into the highlands to the town of Invarney. We stopped t take pictures of an abandoned castle across Loch Awe. We walked around a bit. Light rain most of the time. We ate with another couple at the George Hotel.  This was a quaint old hotel. We had fish and chips. It was a huge piece of fish. Then we went through some of the stores. As we headed back to our hotel the rain got heavier. Even in the rain the Highlands are pretty. The mountains are covered with little rivulets or waterfalls. Some not so little! The streams were running fast with lots of white water. When we got back to the hotel they were taking wedding pictures in the lobby. We went to the room and took a nap. We stayed in and watched TV in the evening.



Had breakfast in the hotel and then boarded the bus. We were in Glasgow all day. We picked up our local guide, a 73 year old Scotsman named Stanley. He loved his Glasgow! We toured around the city then visited the museum. It us a big museum so we concentrated on things Scottish. The only exception was a painting by Dali of Christ. Then we went to a park where we ate lunch. Linda and I ate enough so we wouldn't need dinner. Then we went to the Glasgow Cathedral, the only cathedral in Scotland not destroyed during the reformation. Then we visited the oldest house in Glasgow dating to 1791. After that we went back to the hotel. We looked around the hotel and then back to the room and watch TV. The weather was good today, sunny in the morning and cloudy in the afternoon.  The rain came after we got back to the hotel.


From Loch Loman, Scotland