Britain 2011 Best of
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After breakfast we left for London. We stopped at Blenheim Palace. The weather was foggy and a little misty at times. We arrived before they opened and had a private meeting with the Duke's Archivist.  He gave us a most interesting briefing on the palace, the Duke of Marlborough, and Churchill’s. Winston was born here. We then toured the palace. It was beautiful but unfortunately no photography was permitted. A real shame! Then we had lunch at a private club. Very swanky and excellent food. Then we went to Our hotel in London, The Langham. We are in the Club section. This includes a private club with free drinks and snacks. We sat there for a while with some other Vantage people. Then we went to our room.



We had a private breakfast in the Club Room. Then we did a guided sightseeing tour of London.  Out first stop was to see Buckingham Palace. Only from the outside though. Next we went to Westminster Abby. This was not as pretty as the Bath Cathedral but much bigger and more historical importance.  There were the Abbey grounds and all the side chapels. Our guide explained what we were seeing. From there we went to the Eye of London. This is a gigantic Ferris wheel with enclosed gondolas holding many people. We had two private ones. It goes 250 feet up and gave us wonderful views of London. Then we came back to the Club Room at the hotel were we had light snacks and drinks. We took a short nap before the evening activity.



After breakfast we continued to tour London. First we went to Spencer House. Then more sightseeing ending up at Covent Garden. It was packed with people, so much so that we didn't enjoy it that much. It seemed much more crowded and dirty than the last time we were there. The bus brought us back to the hotel. We dropped of our stuff at the room and went down to the Club Room for drinks and snacks. We took a short nap and then dressed for supper. We went by St Paul Cathedral and saw the protesters. We've seen them other places also. The largest group was at St Paul's. We then went to the Tower of London where we were met by a Yeoman Guard who gave us a tour of the Tower complex. We got a private viewing of the British Crown Jewels. They are beautiful! This was a very special treat. Then we were taken to the Armory for drinks and Hors d'Oeuvres. This was followed by an excellent beef dinner. A harpist provided music while we ate. After dinner we saw the 700+ year old ceremony of the Locking of the Tower. This was really neat. Then it was back to the hotel.


From London, England