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Early up to get the bags out. After breakfast we headed south to the Lake District. We stopped at Moffat Mills for a break. Linda bought some nice sweaters. Back in the bus we continued south. Our next stop was at the small town of Gretna Green on the border. In old days young couples wanting to get married but too young for England would come here to be married by the Blacksmith. We had a mock wedding that was funny and then ate lunch. We had rain off and on all day. We drove by Hadrian's Wall. Rained mostly but stopped so could walk up close to it. Pretty much a normal looking wall, it was around 21 feet tall and 10 in its day. We continued on to our next stop at the entrance to the national park. Then on into the Lake District and the Langdale Estate where we are staying. It was after dark when we got there. It was a challenge finding our room. The rooms are in a separate building. It is very nice once we figures out how to work everything. We went back today the main building for a very good supper. Then we went back to the room.



After breakfast we toured the Lake District. This is very beautiful country. Our first stop was Grasmere and Dove Cottage, the home of William Wordsworth. We took a guided tour of the cottage. Then we went into town and walked around. The interesting church was both Anglican and Methodist. We got some gingerbread from a recipe that I'd over 150 years old. Then we drove to the Wainright Pub for lunch. That was excellent. After lunch we drove up into where Beatrix Potter lived. We went up to her Hilltop Farm and saw the house she lived in in her later life after she married. Then we went to Hawkshead. Our guide took us through narrowed little alleys to see things we would never have seen on out own. We got back to the hotel at dusk.


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After breakfast we drove to Glen Coyne Farm. We passed through some of the most beautiful lake country. We were up into the mountains in the hub of the Lake District. The farm is a Conservancy farm dedicated to improving and protecting the ecology of the area.  They also raise sheep and talked to us about sheep farming. They brought their sheep down from the hills and had their sheep dog herd them together in the field. The dog was very good. Then we drove back into the mountain and ended up around lunch time at Keswick. We went to the pencil museum. They used to mine graphite here and make pencils.  Now the mines are closed and the pencil factory has relocated elsewhere. Then it was back to the hotel. Later we went to farms for dinner. Groups went to different farms. Our farm house was built in 1640 and once owned by Beatrix Potter. Our host family was delightful. The meal of a fresh beef stew and potatoes was delicious. We enjoyed visiting with the family.


Lake District, England