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Drango comes from the town of Envisage on Aldebaran 4, about 68 light-years from Earth. He has fond memories of sailing in a Kreeth Long Boat on the Sea of Mists with the twin moons in the night sky of Alderaran 4, the air heavy with the sweet scent of the Vloon blossoms. His parents Doris and Dale Dragon are still back on Aldebaran 4 in their home by the Sea of Mists. He has twin younger brother and sister, Dora and Dudley, back home.

Drango came to live with Bob on Earth on his birthday in 1994. That was my birthday gift from Seanachie the time traveling cat who brought me here. Because years are different on Aldebaran He’s not sure how old he is in Earth years, only that his birthday is on November 1st.
he did many things together. In fact grandpa was the one that named him Drango when he was born. His father was named Drango and he wanted his grandson to carry on the name.

Grandpa Dickens was an author in his younger days. He wrote a number of books and magazine articles. His books include "Oliver Bent", "Great Aspirations", and his famous "An Easter Carol" with Ebineezer Dragon. He doesn't do any writing now but he does join us in our shows sometimes.

His neighbor and best friend was Narda Nardles. They did everything together. They were best of friends. Several years ago, on his birthday November 1st,  Narda came to Earth to live with Bob and Drango. She often joins us in our shows.

A special friend is Krag Lotek, a Troll Dragon. Both are dragons but different races with Krag being a Troll Dragon. He lived on the Isle of Sark in the North Sea of Mists. Troll Dragons are larger than Dragons like Drango and they have lost their wings and tails many generations ago. The Isle of Sark is much colder than where Drango live.

Drango’s grandpa knew Krag when he was a young journalist He had visited Krag and they became friends. Krag lived alone and they kept in touch. When Drango was young his grandpa used to take him on vacation to stay with Krag at his cabin.  

We always told him he should come and live with us. One day Krag decided he would and went looking for us. He tracked us all the way to Earth and now lives with us.

Drango’s family regularly attended church back on Aldebaran 4. Now Drango make my church home with Bob and Linda at Fishers United Methodist Church in Fishers, Indiana, USA. He is active with the Children's Ministries at the church. Church is a very important part of his life. He always wear his WWJD bracelet. Thinking about it helps him to make good decisions.

Drango Dragon

Grandpa Dickens came to live with us in September 1997 from Aldebaran 4. Drango had been encouraging his Grandpa to come to Earth since Daisy, his Grandma died.

Grandpa  and Drango have a very special relationship. When Drango was just a little dragon, grandpa and