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T’Karri is a Scops White Faced Owl. Her name means “from Kar” in the ancient language of Kar because she is from the planet Kar. Kar is also called the Wizard’s Planet because in ancient days it was believed
Wizards lived there. Today people know there are no real Wizards and the planet has a thriving economy. Once a year, at the time of the ancient Earth holiday Halloween, the only remaining Wizard’s Castle is the site of a Storytelling and Magic Festival. Drango attended this festival. Originally her species was exported from Earth to Kar. T’Karri was brought to Earth by Drango and, according to him, belonged to a famous Wizard/Magician there. She does seem to be at home on stage or walk-arounds with Bob doing magic. She loves to sit on Bob's shoulder when Bob does magic. Since her ancestors migrated from Earth, T’Karri is very much like the Scops White Faced Owl of Southern Africa on Earth. Click on pix for T'Karri's web site.