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Krag Lotek

Krag is a Troll Dragon from Aldebaran 4 the same as Drango. Both are dragons but different races with Krag being a Troll Dragon. He lived on the Isle of Sark in the North Sea of Mists. Troll Dragons are larger than Dragons like me and they have lost their wings and tails many generations
ago. The Isle of Sark is much colder than where I live.

My grandpa knew Krag when he was a young journalist. He had visited Krag and they became friends. Krag lived alone and they kept in touch. When I was young my grandpa used to take me on vacation to stay with Krag at his cabin. 

We always told him he should come and live with us. One day Krag decided he would and went looking for my Grandpa and me. He tracked us all the way to Earth and now lives with us.